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Last Updated on 06/03/2018
Current Account Rules

Current accounts with quarterly average balance of Rs.25,000 are eligible for the following benefits in the next quarter.

  • Inland demand drafts/Mail Transfers not exceeding 2 occasions in a month for a total amount not exceeding Rs.10,000 p.m. is excempt from commission/exchange. 
  • Outstation cheques, drafts, interest/div.warrents etc (excluding hundies, clean/supply bill/documentary bills) are collected without commission (actual postage will be recovered) for a total amount not exceeding Rs.10,000/- per month.  
  • Cancard-Visa is provided (one card per account) without first year fee (entry fee and annual fee) 
Do I need to maintain a minimum balance?
You need to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 2,000/- for branches in Metro and urban areas. Rs. 1,000/- in other branches. For Regd. Tiny Sector and Village & Cottage Industries it is Rs. 1,000/- at all branches.
How much do I have to pay for new chequebooks?
You will be charged Rs. 2/- per MICR cheque leaf and Re. 1/- per non-MICR cheque leaf.
While all efforts have been made to update the information, constituents are requested to contact the branches for latest details.